Legal Guardian Nomination Document (ONLY $97)

Attorney David W. Weygandt will guide you through our Child Protection System, which will help you Name Legal Guardians for your child and make important decisions about how you want your child to be raised.

You will learn how to protect your child from being taken out of your home in the event of incapacity or when you die, and how to be sure you have selected the right legal guardian for your child.

You will submit your legal guardian information to our team at the end of our Child Protection System, and one of our licensed attorneys will draft the legal guardian nomination document(s) for your minor child!

You will discover:

  1. what happens if you don't name legal guardians

  2. how to select guardians for your minor child

  3. how to know you have chosen the right guardians

  4. how to choose between multiple options

the Child Protection System

Personal: Schedule a free 15 minute call to answer any questions you may have.

Professional: Our licensed attorneys will treat you like family

Quick: Your legal guardianship nomination document is delivered within 24 hours

Easy: Legally document who you want to raise your child in the comfort of your home